Singapore Map

Singapore Map

The most comprehensive interactive map of Singapore!

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Why Singapore Map?


Find attractions and purchase tickets easily and conveniently online.


Explore the MRT map, find your nearest MRT station, and plan your trip.


Easily search for a hotel, and book a room directly online.

Shopping Malls

Find all Shopping Malls in Singapore, and see an overview of all their stores.


Navigate directly to the location with the easy-to-use directions.

Sentosa Map

Explore the detailed map of Sentosa with all its attractions and hotels.

Get the Printed Map!

Singapore Map

singapore map An interactive printed map of Singapore (back side).

Every "Point of Interest" has a QR Code for you to scan. It will show you all info including a description, photos, a video, contact details, and directions.

Coming Soon!

Sentosa Map

sentosa map An interactive printed map of Sentosa (front side).

The island of Sentosa completely mapped out with all necessary information for tourists and locals alike! Spend your day, weekend or vacation on Sentosa!

Coming Soon!

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