About us

Years ago, we had easy-to-use tourist maps for newly arrived visitors. Nowadays the maps are mostly gone, but no good alternatives have been created. Until now!

Singapore Map is the most comprehensive interactive map of Singapore for anyone who likes to explore the Lion City!

A state-of-the-art platform, combining the strengths of Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Yelp, OpenTable, Trip.com, and the good old physical tourist map.

Combining our printed map with our online map, visitors can now easily find anything they are looking for like theme parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, islands, beaches and more within seconds. On the printed map, visitors can simply scan the QR code of the point of interest with their phone, and all the information including contact details, photos, video, location, directions and more will show on the online map on the phone/tablet.

The printed map has maps of Sentosa and Singapore, plus zoomed maps of Orchard Road, Downtown, and Marina Bay & the Gardens.

Visitors can purchase tickets for attractions directly online, book a hotel directly online, or make a reservation in a restaurant with ease. Visitors can find an overview of all the Shopping Malls in Singapore, including an overview of all the stores inside that particular Shopping Mall.

With many more functionalities being added on a bi-monthly basis, this is by far the most comprehensive interactive map of Singapore!

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